La Mercé for foreigners

La Mercé for foreigners

In the coming days La Mercé is celebrated, the patron saint of Barcelona for excellence. The Catalan capital celebrates its love for culture, entertainment, cuisine and tradition.

One of the features of La Mercé is that despite being a local festival, it offers fun for everyone. However, you should know certain tips to enjoy La Mercé as a foreigners. Here you have some advices to enjoy this great celebration:

La Mercé for foreigners: What kind of music do you want to enjoy?

One of the best plans for La Mercé is the great amount of free concerts offered at street level. It is best that you check the schedule to make sure you don’t miss any of the ones you like most, but as a selection, here you can find some of our favorites classified by the style that you seek:

    • For those that are looking for major international artists: each year La Mercé seeks to complete its musical offerings with some internationally renowned artist. Thus, at other times they have gone through the stages of Barcelona popular artists like Crystal Fighters, The Kooks, The Klacsons and so on. This year is the turn of the eclectic Manu Chao.
    • For those who seek the best international indie scene: the Goon Sax, a band that has surprised the world with its addictive combination of indie pop, coming from Australia to the streets of Barcelona to present their first album, Up to Anything.
    • For those who seek Anglo-Saxon music singers: many artists who fill the concert program of La Mercé can seem strange to a foreigner (even though the offer is international), therefore, if you listen to purely English roots music, you’ll definitely love Lloyd Cole’s music.
    • For those who are looking for new sounds from all over the world: the band Baaba Maal comes from Africa to dance non-stop to his public thanks to the huge dose of energy that transmit their songs of purely tribal rhythms. In their latest work, The Traveller, they’ve worked with large groups of the international scene as Mumford and Sons and The Very Best.
    • For those who seek flamenco rhythms: If you want to enjoy these rhythms accompanied by Spanish guitar and rumba, in the concert of Kiko Veneno you will find your best option and one of the liveliest and most energetic shows of the Spanish popular music.
    • For those who are looking to dance: to enjoy the music and rhythm sometimes you don’t need to understand the language. If the language that is sung is not a barrier for you and you just want to have some fun time go to the concert of La Gran Pegatina.

But the list does not end here, you have more than one hundred concerts of all kinds available: on the official website of the celebrations of La Mercé you will find everything you need.

La Mercé for foreigners: ¿Sagrada Familia or MNAC?

La Mercé is the right time for sightseeing in Barcelona, as almost all the monuments open their doors wide. An example is the Sagrada Familia, where you can save on ticket prices these days … But careful, fill yourself with patience and estate willing to endure two hours of average in the queue.

The same applies to the MNAC or other renowned museums such as the Picasso and the Palau Guell but nevertheless we can find points of interest that remain unknown even to Barcelona citizens and that they open their doors during these days, as the Palauet Albeniz, behind the MNAC, which is a perfect plan for after visiting Montjuïc castle and enjoying the international circus festival that is organized at its feet.

Palauet Albeniz: a perfect ocassion to visit it in La Mercé for foreigners

La Mercé for foreigners: other street performances

The Ciudadela Park, just 500 meters from your apartment on Damas street, is the place chosen for Paris, the guest city this year to participate in the acts of La Mercé, display their arts thanks to two stellar performances: Olivier Grossetête and his ephemeral cities, who builds up to 30 meters high buildings and and long arcades bridges together with the public, and the company Le Monfort Theatre, with an aesthetically very beautiful proposal where an acrobat climbs a ladder and jumps high on a suspended cloud that envelopes viewers.

Do you want other places to enjoy the popular festival of La Mercé? In addition to the Fòrum, Montjuïc and Ciudadela Park appointed, La Mercé is the perfect excuse to visit other locations in Barcelona like Trinitat Nova or Sant Andreu. Look out for the best apartment in Barcelona and enjoy La Mercé!


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La Mercé for foreigners
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