Live the popular parties in Barcelona

Many visitors come to Barcelona because they want to be part of the popular parties in this amazing city. Catalonia in general and Barcelona in particular have several popular parties in determinate dates that you won’t want to miss them.

Next, we are going to talk about the typical popular parties in Barcelona:

1.- La Mercè: patroness of Barcelona

This is the party for excellence. It takes place on the 24th of September and the streets and squares of Barcelona are a fantastic party. Music on the streets with free concerts; Correfoc (fire show in which demons and dragons spit fire from his mouth); people dancing the popular dance “la Sardana” in front of the cathedral; and of course, the famous Piromusical which close the celebration with a fantastic show of fireworks in Montjuic.

2.- Sant Jordi = Saint George

This traditional day, the 23th of April, is also known as Catalan Valentin’s day because men give woman a rose and they give a book as a demonstration of love. Sant Jordi is the day when Barcelona wears roses.

It is also the day that Shakespeare and Cervantes died so it has been declared the International Day of Book by Unesco.

Sant Jordi 2015 in Barcelona

There is no music on the streets but all Barcelona go out in search of the latest best seller or their favorite writer who surely will be devoting some books in any stand.

3.- The night of San Juan

During the shortest night of the year, the 23th of June, is common to celebrate this night on the beaches of Catalonia. In Barcelona you will find people jumping over big bonfire installed on the sand and after that, many people finish the night in the sea.

It is very common to write on paper the desires and the good things that you want to occur over the next year and burn the bad things that have happened to not happen again.

4.- Fiestas de Gracia

One of the most famous festivals is celebrating in the neighborhood of Gracia, in Barcelona, and it take place in summer, between 15 and 20 August.

Its origins date back to the mid-nineteenth century, when the party had a predominantly religious character.

Today it has become a civic and popular celebration, and has lost the religious sense. During these days in the neighborhood are held all kinds of activities for children and adults, exhibitions, cultural events and free concerts at night.

Festes de Gràcia 2014 in Barcelona

In the festival of Gracia breathes a special atmosphere, offering food and drink at affordable prices.

The neighborhood is full of people, day and night. If the holidays coincide with your stay in Barcelona you cannot miss them.

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Live the popular parties in Barcelona
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