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Live a unique experience in Festes of Gracia neighbourhood

Festes de Gràcia or Festa Major de Gracia (in English, street festival of Gracia) is a popular party held in the Gracia neighbourhood since August 15th and for a period of between seven and ten days. It has a lot of attractive element such as the ornamentation of streets, but also concerts, popular dances, castellers exhibitions (human towers), giants and big heads, correfocs devils (lights and fires parades) and fire dragons, bastoners (traditional Catalan dances), trabucaires (traditional Catalan character) and other traditional and cultural events.

The beginning of this traditional celebration dates from 1817. Its origins were related to catholic celebrations. A curious thing is that in those times, Gracia wasn’t a neighbourhood of Barcelona, but an independent small village. Most of the people there were peasants and farmers, that’s why they celebrated Saint Isidore’s day. Isidore the Labourer is the patron saint of peasants. For years and years, this Saint Isidore’s day evolved to the current celebration.

Nowadays, Festes de Gràcia take place from 15th to 21st August and are a great opportunity to live one of the most the popular parties in Barcelona. Festes de Gracia are one of the best-known neighbourhood festivals of Barcelona and thousands of people visit and enjoy this traditional and cultural event every year.

So, don’t hesitate to eat some tapas and drink a beer in the best bars in El Raval and go to Gracia neighbourhood to discover this amazing party.

A new neighbour joins the party

This year there will be a special neighbour who recently open his doors in Gracia and has provided more colour and art to the neighbourhood. We are talking here about the first architectural work of the great Antoni Gaudí: Casa Vicens.

This way, Casa Vicens will be part of Festes de Gracia this year. A special decoration will transform its garden. There will be free visits to the garden and also special discounts during the holidays to visit the house. Additionally, in this jewel of Gaudí we will be also able to enjoy ceramic restoration workshops.

You can easily reach this architectonical jewel from this apartment in Diagonal.

Music, music and more music

Concerts are one of the most followed acts of the festivities. Some of the artists that will perform during this traditional party in Gràcia neighbourhood will be Dolo Beltrán, Miqui Puig, Sabor de Gràcia, Buhos, Discípulos de Otilia or Los Tiki Phantoms, among others.

Other important musical event will take place in the gardens of La Sedeta with the Festigàbal festival. This way, on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th August we will be able to enjoy the music of Me and the Bees, The Zephyr Bones, Sandré, Agost, Jupiter Lion, La Plata or Za! among others.

The Proclamation

One of the highlights of Festes de Gracia is the reading of the proclamation on Tuesday, 14th August at 7:00 pm in the Plaza de la Vila de Gracia.

As for the hours of activities in the streets will be extended until 2:00 am in the morning on weekdays and until 3:30 am on Fridays and Saturdays, except in the squares Sol, Diamant and Revolució, which will open until 1:00 on business days and until 2:30 on Fridays and Saturday.


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Live a unique experience in Festes of Gracia neighbourhood
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