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Living Barcelona from the heights

We all know the charming streets of Barcelona. The Catalan capital is a city full of different neighbourhoods, and each of them have their own style, way of life and personality.

This way, we can get lost in these amazing streets and discover hundreds of hidden secrets of this unforgettable city. But today let’s forget the floor and look at the heights of Barcelona. Here we present some ways and places to enjoy the best views of the Condal city and living Barcelona from the heights.

So, do not hesitate to rent a bedroom in Barcelona for holidays and discover by yourself all the places we talk about.

Montjuïc hill

Montjuïc is one of the most famous hills in Barcelona. In fact, it is located inside the city and was the main stage of the Olympic Games that took place in Barcelona in 1992. One of its sides is located just next to the sea, while the other one is next to Plaza España, a beautiful square where you can find a shopping centre built in an old bull-fighting square, a great classic fountain and two big towers inspired by St. Marco’s Tower in Venice.

This way, you can easily walk to this monumental square from this apartment in Entenza.

Additionally, if you are a museum-lover, you will be amazed by Montjuïc. This hill counts with some of the most important museums of the city, which means wonderful art collections located in monumental buildings. Thus, Montjuïc gathers a great combination of classic and modern art and architecture.

At the top of the mountain, there’s a fortress built in 1751 to control the boats that sail close to the city and to avoid naval attacks.

Rooftop parties

This is one of the summer sensations in Barcelona: parties that take place in rooftops of hotels or any kind of buildings.

Rooftop parties provide a unique combination of fantastic chill music, warm weather, refreshing beverages and cocktails, and breath-taking views of one of the most magical cities all around the world: Barcelona.

These parties are usually celebrated during the afternoon and the evening, so we can enjoy a lot of hours of sun that light up the astonishing views. Additionally, some of the rooftops have their own swimming-pool and we can even take a bath.

Carmel Bunkers (Turó de la Rovira)

On the hills of Rovira, one of the most iconic mountains of Barcelona, we find an open secret, at least among Barcelona’s population: the bunkers of Carmel.

These bunkers are refuges that the Spanish civil war left in the Catalan capital to protect itself when it was under 200 daily attacks. Thos attacks meant other effects as the remnants of shrapnel in the beautiful Sant Felip Neri square.

From this wonderful place you can not only appreciate the memories of older and darker times in Barcelona, but also an astonishing view of the whole city. In this great panoramic view, you find in the foreground Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, Hospital de Sant Pau, Park Güell, Agbar Tower and the towers of the Olympic port. A postcard made real!

That is why living Barcelona is not only walking along its streets, but also visiting its heights.

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Living Barcelona from the heights
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