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March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona

Winter is a great time to spend in Barcelona. We can enjoy a “smooth cold” weather with higher temperatures than the rest of countries of Europe, and if we are snow-lovers, we can drive to Pyrenees and live a great journey skiing or snowboarding one of the most beautiful cordilleras in Europe.

However, since we are in March winter is almost over. But don’t worry! Amazing plans and activities are a constant in the Catalan capital. In this article we will discover that march is, indeed, a month of celebrations in Barcelona. Arrival of spring means higher temperatures, blooming trees and flowers and sunny days, which is the best scenario to walk around this wonderful city and fall in love with its unique personality.

So, don’t hesitate to find the best apartment to rent in Barcelona and book a flight to visit this wonderful city.

For thirsty throats

Did someone say beer? March is a special beer-month in Barcelona because two main events will take place: Barcelona Beer Festival and Saint Patrick’s Day.

Here we present an event with the best artisanal beers of the world: Barcelona Beer Festival. There, we will find more than 200 breweries from all around the globe with 750 different beers. This festival is celebrated in Hospitalet de Llobregat. You can easily get there through metro from this design apartment in Eixample.

In addition, on March 18 there will be a wide range of events to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. Traditional Irish dances, pipe concerts and an amazing rugby match (France VS England) to enjoy this Irish tradition that is currently spread all around the globe.

Women’s Day

March 8 is a special day in Barcelona’s calendar: International Women’s day. It an important day not only in Barcelona, but also in the rest of the world.

This way, a women’s strike is appointed for this day in order to claim for equality and to change a sexist society that is gradually getting more and more aware of the long path to be walked to reach a fair and egalitarian feminist world.

Women’s day is an important celebration in Barcelona, so many different events and activities will take place in the streets to raise awareness of this crucial issue.

Barcelona’s Marathon

Are you ready to prove yourself how strong you are? Are you a sportive and active person who needs sports in your life? Then, this challenge is made for you. Marathon is one of the biggest sportive celebrations in Barcelona. This way, on March 11 people will go out to streets to encourage the brave runners who will run these Mediterranean 42’195 kilometers.

A marathon is a race that you should thoroughly prepare: hard and well-planned training, discipline, effort, continuous improvement. But the reward is huge: running through Barcelona and its wonderful monuments: SagradaFamilia, Casa Batlló, La Pedrera… it is a source of motivation itself!

In fact, running a marathon is a unique experience that connects you to the city in a really special way. Runners usually say, “you run 30 kilometers with your legs, 10 with your head, 2 with your soul and 195 meters with tears in your eyes”.


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March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona
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