Maremagnum and Aquarium, the door to the sea of Barcelona

There is an area in the “Port Vell” (old port) of Barcelona that combine leisure, tourism and relaxation, created specifically for the enjoyment of both Barcelonians and visitors: is the area of the dock called “Moll de Espanya” (dock of Spain).

Accessible from the famous Ramblas, thanks to the wonderful and amazing marine platform called “Rambla del Mar”, we find in this place a recreational area consisting in an open seven days a week mall, with a great variety of restaurants of all kinds: from fast food to haute cuisine, a great aquarium and various yacht clubs of the city. A city with a large tradition in the world of sailing.


Opened in 1995 after the Olympic fever, the Maremagnum shopping center has become an icon of the recent opening of the city to the Mediterranean, also in shopping culture.

Open seven days a week, 365 days a year, it is perfect for a Sunday afternoon without plans: stroll among the maritime leisure and shopping time that we like in afternoon without nothing to do.

With 80 shops and 22 restaurants spread over more than 22,000 square meters, Maremagnum offers a range of leisure to spend a whole day surrounded by the best entertainment environment.

Its terrace offers a 360 degree privilege views of the Mediterranean sea and the seafront of the city, where an aperitif with these views becomes a pleasure available to anyone who wants to enjoy it.


The Aquarium is a stunning marine center where 11,000 aquatic animals of 440 different species live, highlighting its 80-meter tunnel where you can look from every point of view its impressive sharks, and other species like devilfishes.

As the other buildings in the area, was opened in 1995 and since then, have been more than 14 million people which has enjoyed its 35 different aquariums, activities and events related to the marine world.

Aquarium of Barcelona

Sharks have a high profile, but they are not the only attraction of the aquarium: from the poisonous and aggressive fish to each of the reproductions of the most important world’s seas: Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea of course, Red Sea and the imposing barrier Australian coral, have place in this unique building.

Yacht Club

Yacht club itself is not a tourist attraction, but what it means for the environment could be.

Yacht Club in Barcelona, ​​brings to the area one decorated maritime activity with large yachts and sailboats that flock here, and where the ship movement is continuous and shows a sight to behold.

Moreover, we may not have the opportunity to introduce us to one of the yachts moored in the harbor, but to do so in the “Golondrinas” (“swallows” in spanish): tourist boats that delight children and parents and allow a relaxed ride while the tripulation tell us the history of the port of Barcelona.

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Maremagnum and Aquarium, the door to the sea of Barcelona
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