Markets of Barcelona

Markets of Barcelona: art & food

In Barcelona there is a long tradition in food markets. Despite having a large mall shopping culture, neighbours and tourists can’t resist  the enormous charm offered by the markets of Barcelona. In these markets we can not just buy top quality food, but get to know a cultural and monumental heritage, worthy to be part of any self-respecting tourist route. Let’s take a look at the main and most attractive markets in Barcelona.

Boqueria market: the jewel in the crown

If there is a market that stands out from any other in Barcelona, this is the Sant Josep de la Boqueria. Its privileged location on Las Ramblas  makes it worth a visit, but the greatest charm is found  in its modernist façade and especially in the arrangement of the shops in the interior. All this makes it the most diverse and largest market in Catalonia.

Do not hesitate to stop and enjoy any of the delicacies which are sold in this market. Even you can take advantage of your apartment in Las Ramblas to cook some excellent products for sale.

Markets of Barcelona: Boquería market

Santa Caterina Market: imposing monumentality

The Boqueria market has become a great tourist attraction thanks to  its beautiful modernist facade, but Santa Caterina Market, located in the same walk that takes you to the cathedral, may be considered a monument itself.

From its pristine white facade and decorated wood to its mosant antoni

t characteristic feature: its colorful ceramic roof, the whole market is from unparalleled beauty. It is curious that, although the roof is tilted on its main facade enough to be appreciated from an aerial perspective this is where it can be contemplated in all its glory.

Regarding the cuisine offer, this market that, despite its modern appearance, is the result of a reform earlier in this century, turns out to be the oldest covered market in Barcelona, ​​and today stands out as “gourmet” place, where you can find and taste first class products to enjoy at the terrace of our apartment in the Born district.

Sant Antoni Market: Modernism in pure state

Recently renovated in the popular neighbourhood of Sant Antoni -, the visitor finds an imposing iron structure that occupies an entire block typical of Eixample. In this market, in addition to its undeniable beauty, its Greek cross must be emphasized and its central dome that rises between the imposing buildings of the surrounding, stylizing even more its beauty.

This market is perfect to be visited especially on Sundays, when around it, collectors of all kinds, improvise a street market where exchange and sell precious objects like vinyl records, old magazines, stamps, coins etc.

Markets of Barcelona: Hostafrancs market

Neighbourhood markets: a popular culture

The most beautiful markets in Barcelona are not exclusive of the Old town area. In areas ranging from Barceloneta up through Sarria, Sants, Eixample or Clot, many copies are found which can look face to face to Boquería Market or Santa Caterina Market regarding  monumentality and singularity.

From constructions made of wrought iron like the Hostafrancs Market, Incarnation Market to refurbished brick and glass buildings such as the populars Clot and Sants Markets, through the uniqueness of the newly opened new Barceloneta market (with inspiration in the sloping roofs and trend gourmet seen in the Santa Caterina) make it worth a walk beyond the Ramblas to these meeting point for neighbours and other people proud of Barcelona.


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Markets of Barcelona: art & food
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