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May: the month of flowers in Barcelona

May is a great month to visit Barcelona. Winter and low temperatures are almost forgotten, and summer comes with sunny days and warm weather. Additionally, during this time we can enjoy of some fresh air avoiding this way the stifling environment of August, when it is so hot you can’t even properly breath.

Furthermore, may is the month when Temps de flors (Time of flowers) is celebrated in Girona from May 12th to May 20th. So, travel to Girona from a Barcelona studio. It is a fast trip, because Girona is located 99 kilometers northeast of Barcelona.

May is also the month of flowers in Barcelona. This way, some emblematic areas of the Condal city are covered with colourful flowers that make them even more beautiful.

The beginning of the tradition

It all started in 1954 in Girona with an exhibition where flowers were the main protagonist. Throughout the years, the show evolved to become a sample of floral creations in the church of Santo Domingo of Girona.

Some years later, the city council decided to turn this exhibition focused on Santo Domingo into a show that included the entire city. This way, a floral exhibition distributed throughout the city was organized. The monuments of the city were adorned and the owners of the private patios of the Old Quarter were convinced to open them to the public during the exhibition.

So, if you are visiting Barcelona on May, do not hesitate to go to Girona from your apartment in Las Ramblas and enjoy the colours and smells you will find in this amazing city.

Time of flowers in Barcelona

Because of the great success of this celebration, it was decided to celebrate it in Barcelona as well.

This is why during the third week of May many emblematic locations of the Catalan capital are beautifully decorated with all kind of flowers. This cape made of flowers that covers some parts of the city provides the streets an especial range of colours and smells.

Usually, patios are the areas decorated with flowers. A patio is an outdoor space that adjoins a residence and is typically paved.

Here you have some of the patios that will be decorated with flowers in Barcelona:

  • City hall patio
  • Casa de l’Ardiaca patio (Archive of rare and historical manuscripts of Barcelona)
  • Casa Padellàs patio (History Museum of Barcelona)
  • In Casa dels entremesos we will find a photography exhibition with the best photos of the 2nd edition of City of Gerona contest. This contest is a way of spreading this Catalan culture and tradition, because all the photos taking part are Instagram photos.

So, take your camera and your sunglasses and enjoy of this great and colourful tradition.

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May: the month of flowers in Barcelona
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