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How to move around Barcelona city from your apartment

Barcelona city is one of the most famous touristic destinations not only in Spain, but also in Europe and the whole globe. Every year, millions of tourists enjoy the charm of the Catalan capital, taste its delicious gastronomy and discover the unique Mediterranean way of life of its inhabitants.

Barcelona is not the biggest city of Europe, but it is one of the biggest of Spain. That is why we should know how to properly move through the different areas of the city in order to make the most of our time in this amazing city. For example, if we take a stroll around Sagrada Familia and then we want to visit Tibidabo’s theme park, there is a long way from one point to another we can’t do walking. We need a ride.

So, if you are going to visit Barcelona city in the next days, weeks or months here we have a present to you! Learn with us how to move around Barcelona city from your apartment!

Bus in Barcelona city

Public transport in Barcelona is quite good. In fact, there are plenty of buses that will drive you from your apartment for rent in Barcelona to any point of the city. Many of those buses are working all day. Of course, the waiting times are longer during the night, but they are still on route.

Additionally, TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona or Metropolitan Transports of Barcelona in English) offer a Journey Planner to help you to customize your best route by public transport from any location or address to any destination in Barcelona city. This way, we can plan our journey while we are having breakfast in our apartment in Las Ramblas and then we can forget about getting lost.

Remember these colours

Don’t you like buses? Would you prefer a faster option? Metro is made four you!

Barcelona’s metro is great. When you get into a metro station, you don’t have to wait more than 2 minutes to the next train.

You will not get lost in the Barcelona’s metro if you remember these colours: red (line 1), yellow (line 4) and blue (line 5). The first one goes across the city, from south to north, and will drive you to Plaça Espanya (Spain square, near Montjuïc), Plaça Catalunya (Cataluña square, the city centre), or Arc del Triomf (Triumph Arch). Blue line is the best to visit Sagrada Familia, the best-known construction designed by Antoni Gaudí, and yellow line is the one you should take if you want to visit Barceloneta beach.

Ecologic options

Nowadays we live in a world full of bad smokes and pollution. This is why ecologic options which are respectful with environment are becoming more and more important.

Thus, we find alternative means of transport such as electric motorbikes or electric scooters. But our legs are the eco-friendliest engine, so bikes are always a great option. Also, if our journey is not so long, we can take a walk and enjoy the unique charm of Barcelona’s neighbourhoods. Each of them has a special atmosphere that you will fall in love with.

Now that you know hot to move around Barcelona city, let’s explore all the corners of the Catalan capital!

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How to move around Barcelona city from your apartment
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