EL Born is one of the neighbourhood with more personality of Barcelona

Neighbourhoods of Barcelona to live like a Barcelona citizen

Sightseeing in a city does not necessarily mean behaving like a tourist. Barcelona is a global city, where it is not necessary to wear shorts, sunglasses and a camera around the neck and where it is possible to blend with the environment without being permanently labelled as a tourist. The first step to experience the city like an authentic Barcelona citizen is escaping of the Ramblas since it is the epicenter of all tourist tours and renting an apartment in a charming neighbourhood. What areas are the more purely Barcelonans?

El Raval typical environment

El Raval: miscellanea and resistance

No other neighbourhood in Barcelona represents better the rebel feeling than El Raval: symbol of a city model based on its roots and not in the purely economic aspects. Located in the heart of the city, El Raval (formerly known as Chinatown) has always been a “tasty candy” for the greed of speculators trying to make it a glamorous and attractive area for top tourism.

From those intentions there have been several items that may be hisghlighted because far from being pompous samples of financial exhibitionism are blending into the cultural circuit of the neighbourhood with most personality in Barcelona. Thus, flaky houses, undergrounds bars,streets filled with light and 24 hours shops coexist with two centres of contemporary art of first level (MACBA and CCCB), a proud feeling indie film library and a promenade that is a real parade. A neighbourhood gem that represents the epitome of multiculturalism.

Parc Joan Miro in the Eixample Esquerra

Eixample: where half of Barcelona lives

Statistically, if we want to live as  a Barcelonan does it, we have to do it in the Barcelona neighbourhood where the vast majority of its citizens live. That is none other than the Eixample district, in which the two halves (Eixample Esquerra and Eixample Dreta) accumulate almost a sixth of the total population of Barcelona.

It is therefore not surprising that an apartment in the Eixample shows us many of the feelings of the locals in their daily lives, from the availability of large number of convenience stores in the basement of the building, bars with the authentic flavour of Catalan cuisine and the pleasure of a walk where the concrete of the city alternates with green parks and hidden gardens.

Barcelona classical building in Eixample

El Born: the neighbour face of the historic centre

The historical centres of large cities are usually beautiful places but devoid of personality that a neighbourhood provides. Who visits a cathedral barely notices anything about the local people lifestyle and would rather think of great luxury lofts and penthouses with views.

That is not the case in the Born district, where around the very beautiful Santa Caterina market you can see apartments full of magic where the neighbours have the privilege of spectacular views of the ceramic roof while hanging out the laundry from the balconies.

These streets do not hide the daily routine while they receive many illustrious visitors in the sober and at the same time majestic “Catedral del Mar”.  However we are brought up to just metres from epicentres of global touristic attractions such as the Cathedral, the Parc de la Ciutadella, the Picasso Museum and the newly renovated and spectacular Born Market.

Do not hesitate: if you want not only to enjoy Barcelona, but to live Barcelona too, if you rent an apartment in one of its most personal areas, you have the opportunity to feel a citizen of this welcoming and open Mediterranean city.

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Neighbourhoods of Barcelona to live like a Barcelona citizen
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