Museums in Barcelona: past and future

What is the main reason to travel and visit another country or visit? For some is the local and traditional food and recipes, for others are the sights and the monuments while for some is to get a taste of the culture and a feel of how the locals live and breathe. For some though, an integral part of a visit to another place is the museums. Those aficionados will not miss any art, history or natural museum or any other museum for that matter.

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Best skiing destinations around Barcelona

Barcelona, a city that has everything that you’re looking for in a tourist destination, the beaches, sun, sand, architecture and not to forget, the Pyrenees where you can enjoy the best ski slopes.

In the cooler months, the Pyrenees offer you a more family-oriented environment with quieter slopes than the Alps. The Pyrenees mountains are located at the French-Spanish border and provide you with the best skiing destinations in Europe. Here are the best skiing destinations near Barcelona that will make you enjoy your day trip or a short vacation.

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Calçotada: a delicious tradition in Barcelona

Calçotada: a delicious tradition in Barcelona

Catalunya has its own way of cherishing winter that is the special tradition of Catalan barbeques with a series of exceptional food festivities known as “The Calçotada”. This festivity is the same as many of the barbeques where you gather with your friends, have delicious food, wine and a lot of fun. However, these Catalan barbeques are not just your regular meat barbecues, the turning point of this festival is that it is based on the seasonal vegetable, “Calçot”. Below, we present some fun facts about the festival that will help you understand it better:

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churches you can visit in Barcelona

The best churches you can visit in Barcelona

Every aficionado and regular visitor of Spain has his own preferences and likings. Many fanatically choose its capital, Madrid for various reasons where others have a strong affinity towards its second largest city, Barcelona. Be it because of its history, its colorful streets, the food, the music, its people, its museums, its parties and its beach, there are many reasons to visit and revisit Barcelona. It is one the most vibrant cities and certainly it will not disappoint any tourist. One of the lesser known reasons to visit it is its many churches. Here follows a list of the best churches of Catalonia’s capital.

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choosing an apartment in Barcelona

Things you should know while choosing an apartment in Barcelona

Are you moving to Barcelona for the first time in your life? No doubt there are various amazing options but before you know the apartment you were planning to rent, will be in the hands of someone else. Apart from that, you must sensibly select an apartment that will meet your demands in the best possible way. Here we have the list of things you need to consider while looking for an apartment in Barcelona.

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Catalan gastronomy

Discover the best Christmas Catalan gastronomy

Every single region of every single country has its own customs and traditions when it comes to celebrating Christmas. In Catalonia there is a wide range of Christmas traditions, but today we will talk about Catalan gastronomy that we can enjoy in this special time of the year. While the typical meal of the summer always includes a paella in Barcelona, winter meals are a little different.

Any celebration begins, as in almost all places, with appetizers or assorted starters and taking advantage of regional products, typical sausages, ham, prawns, prawns, olives, and so on.

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christmas at Barcelona

Christmas is coming to Barcelona!

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year. Despite the cold, we take our coats to go for a walk through the streets and enjoy the incomparable Christmas atmosphere: lights, Christmas decoration, nativity scenes, Christmas markets, grilled chestnut stalls … there are few things comparable to a walk through Barcelona at Christmas.

Therefore, travelling to Barcelona in winter is an excellent plan to live an unforgettable Christmas. A skiing day from a Barcelona apartment is a great idea for those who love snow, but visiting the city is a must. In addition to the hundreds of corners, monuments and places of interest to visit in the Catalan capital, Christmas in Barcelona creates a unique environment giving each street a special magic.

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Eixample neighbourhood

Eixample: the cosmopolitan Barcelona

Just as there are cities that are known all over the world, there are also neighbourhoods that have great fame. Eixample neighbourhood in Barcelona is a perfect example of that kind of areas.

Its geometric distribution and the wide and sunny streets are totally opposite to the dark and twisted streets of the Old-Town area. So, walking through this charming neighbourhood is a great activity to do while spending winter in Barcelona.

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visiting Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona on December: what will you find?

December is a great time to travel. In spite of the cold, we have to keep warm and go out into the streets to visit new cities and discover new environments and cultures. Visiting Barcelona in December is always an excellent option. Here the winter is not as cold as in the rest of Europe. In addition, Barcelona is even more beautiful than normal when Christmas comes.

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Barcelona with your dog

Best places of Barcelona to go with your dog

Is there something better than travelling with our pets? Visiting new places with our little buddies is a great experience that is not only satisfactory to us, but also to them. This way, today we suggest visiting Barcelona with your dog.

Barcelona is a wonderful city to visit with pets because it has a lot of green places where we can enjoy the beauty of the city and our dogs can happily play and run all over.

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