Family holidays in Barcelona

How to plan the best family holidays in Barcelona this summer

Every time you go on holidays with your family, you are definitely aware that a considerable amount of planning is required. Proper accommodation (like an apartment that can fit all of you together) along with fun activities so as children do not get bored need to be planned ahead.

The same applies for Barcelona. If you are planning family holidays in Barcelona, the jewel of Catalonia, then you need to pay extra attention to some things. This article is meant to assist you plan and find fun activities for the children to do.


Accommodation, the first and foremost

When looking for family plans in Barcelona, we recommend renting an apartment in one of the central parts of the city, for example Poblenou or Sagrada Familia apartments. There are plenty of apartments suitable for whole families offering amenities you will not find in a hotel, like a kitchen if you want to cook dinner for your children or more than one rooms so you can have your privacy together with keeping an eye on the children.

And finally, an apartment located close to the centre will give you quick access to all the attractions and activities so you can visit them with your kids and enjoy your vacation.


Activities and attractions for children in Barcelona

If you wish to live like a true Catalan, there is no better choice than booking tickets for a football game to the famous Camp Nou stadium of the Barcelona football club. Your children, especially if they are boys, will be thrilled to watch the team of Messi up close. Even when there is not a game on, the stadium museum is a must.

Another proposal for a different and alternative walk in Barcelona is a visit at the Boqueria market. This will give your children an opportunity to meet the real face of the city, not only the touristic one, through colorful images and Mediterranean smells. Fresh fruit, fish and delicacies offer a unique opportunity for exploration to small visitors. In its grounds, cooking seminars dedicated to young students are also offered in addition to restaurants where you can taste traditionally Spanish recipes or tapas.

Lastly, especially if you are planning family holidays in Barcelona during the summer, a visit to its many beaches is a must. There are many clean and organized beaches to swim with your kids along with nice places for an afternoon stroll. A good idea is to rent bicycles and ride alongside the waterfront. The zoo at Parc Ciutadella, the magic fountain of Montjuic and the aquarium, the largest in Europe, are definitely fun activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Barcelona offers a wide variety of attractions, sights and activities you can do with your family and children. The important is to get a glimpse and a feel of the city, have fun and try out new activities. By renting an apartment in Barcelona close to all the central places you will be able to live life as a local together with your family.


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How to plan the best family holidays in Barcelona this summer
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