A visit to the monumental cemetery of Poblenou is one of the great plans in Barcelona on All Saints

Plans in Barcelona for saints and sinners

On the 31st of October, and 1st and 2nd of November people around the world pay tribute and offer their respect to their deceased loved ones. Parties and celebrations are held in every corner of the world in a very special way. In the case of Barcelona, tradition, innovation and entertainment are mixed in a common celebration for Halloween that includes visits to cemeteries and traditional cuisine, among other plans.

We don’t want you to miss any of the options that Barcelona offers during the so called festivity of “All Saints”, although you can enjoy them at any other time, these dates add on a special something, so we’ll let you know two kind of itineraries: one that involves the saints and the felted, and another one designated for a more general public.

Saint’s plans in Barcelona

  • The “castañada”

Autumn hasn’t started officially in Barcelona until the first “castañera” (the woman that sells grilled chestnuts) appears in any corner of the city. But the whole “castañada” is not limited only to enjoy this autumnal delicacy while strolling and enjoying the scenery decorated in shades of red trees and brown: like any good celebration, in Barcelona people gather to enjoy the company of their close ones, sit around a fire, and eat chestnuts and other delicacies such as panellets (a cake made with almonds, sugar and egg yolk) or sweet potatoes.

The "castanyada" is one of the most typical plans in Barcelona for All Saints

  • Visit to the cemeteries

The holy fields are not gloomy places to worship only the dead. In Barcelona you can enjoy authentic monumental spaces as the cemeteries of Montjuïc and Poblenou, which also offer a free tour at this time to know the best stories that hide their walls and enjoy its luxurious mausoleums.

  • Theater plays

In a city with a long theatrical tradition as Barcelona, you can’t miss the typical representations of these dates. If during Christmas the pastorets are the protagonists, at the feast of All Saints, “Don Juan Tenorio” is the one who steals the limelight.

The view of Don Juan Tenorio is one of the typical plans in Barcelona for All Saints

Sinner’s plans in Barcelona

  • Halloween

Despite not being a local celebration, over the years it has become more and more popular and it’s hard not to see people dressed up in the streets of the city, which becomes an enormous hall during the magical night of October 31.

The epicenter of these celebrations is in the popular nightlife areas of the city (Port Olympic, Tusetstreet, Paralel, etc.); as well as in large concert halls and at events organized for the occasion, such as the big celebration Poble Espanyol sinks in.

The visit to Port Aventura theme park is one of the typical plans in Barcelona for All Saints

  • Don Juan Tenorio

Don’t be fooled, this classical and sober theatrical play of Jose Zorrilla can also have its rogue point. There are few companies that want to leave aside the serious tone of the original script and make their rogue version, more satirical (always with respect) and in a comical key. A different and more positive way to honor the dead.

  • An unforgettable day in Port Aventura

The theme park par excellence, not only in the region but throughout the country, keeps its doors open the months of autumn too to continue the summer joy and turns it into a Halloween party.

Thus, until early December you can enjoy the most popular attractions in the park with decor, a spooky atmosphere and shows that pay homage to the popular imagination of the parties on the eve of All Saints.

The visit to Port Aventura theme park is one of the typical plans in Barcelona for All Saints

But how do we get there? You can organize your one-day trip to Port Aventura from your apartment in Entenza, where in just 5 minutes you have the Sants Train Station. Taking the line R16 bound Tarragona-Tortosa-Ulldecona, in just an hour and a half traveling across the Costa Dorada to the theme park. There are departures from 6am and you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy Port Aventura until 10pm.

This is one opportunity to enjoy another side of Barcelona. It doesn’t matter if you’re a saint, a sinner or a combination of both, the Mediterranean capital always has the perfect plan for you.


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Plans in Barcelona for saints and sinners
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