Quick Catalan lesson for your trip to Barcelona

Quick Catalan lesson for your trip to Barcelona

If you are looking to plan the perfect trip to Barcelona and you want to have a quick Catalan lesson for your trip, this is the right place to be. We will present you with some of the basic words you can use to manage your trip while staying at the same time at an apartment that you have rented.

There are some basic phrases and sentences that you need to know in Catalan if you want to order food, ask for the nearest metro or bus or for the way to Sagrada Familia or to your apartment in Barcelona or greet the locals here you will find exactly what you need.

Popular expressions in a restaurant


On the basic things each tourist does is visit a local restaurant and try the delicacies. In the case of Barcelona, tapas. And something we all do is try to order food in the language of the country we are visiting. In the case of Barcelona, Catalan. Here are some expressions you might find useful in a scenario like that:


  • Waiter / waitress! = Cambrer / cambrera!
  • Menu = carta
  • Water = aigua
  • Food = menjar
  • Coffee = café
  • Tea = té
  • The bill please! = El compte, si us plau!
  • I need to use the toilet = He d’ utilitzar el lavabo


With all those and with many more you will be able to sit in one of the many restaurants in Barcelona and order a cold beer and a tapa and speak to the waiter in a language they will understand.


Giving and asking for directions


Let’s say for instance that you have rented an apartment in Eixample with your friends or family so you can experience life in Barcelona like a local and not like a tourist staying at a hotel but you are lost. And you want to ask a local for directions. Or that you are in La Sagrada familia and you want to enjoy the sun in the Barceloneta but you don’t know how to get there. Here are some basic words you might need to communicate in Catalan.


  • Can I help you? = Et puc ajudar?
  • Can you help me? = Em pot ajudar?
  • Downtown (city center) = El centre (centre de la ciutat)
  • Turn right = Giri a la dreta
  • Turn left = Giri a l’ esquerra
  • Go straight = Vagi recte
  • Here = Aquí
  • There = Allá


Those were a quick lesson in Catalan for your trip to Barcelona. So, if you are in a restaurant and you want to order, you know some basic stuff that you will help you. Or if you are lost and want to ask for instructions or for the way back to your apartment, you can easily do that.  And lastly, do not forget Hola, a phrase known to everyone for greeting and saying Hello.


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Quick Catalan lesson for your trip to Barcelona
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