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Running in Barcelona: where can we jog?

Jogging nowadays is an integral part of many people’s routine. Jogging aficionados cannot go even a day without running and are always on the lookout for new spots and places to exercise. Mainly it is an activity that has evolved around big urban centers with many people preferring parks, sport fields, beaches, waterfronts or other favorable places for this activity.

If you love jogging and belong to those that love running through the heart of cities and feel their energy around you, then you are going to love Barcelona. The capital of Catalonia and second largest city attracts many tourists and hosts many conferences annually. If you wish to blow off some steam during your visit there, here are some great jogging routes you can choose from.


Best places for running in Barcelona


  • Barcelona’s waterfront and beach: The city’s waterfront underwent a massive change in the time before the 1992 Olympic Games and currently it attracts many visitors. You can easily access the waterfront from many popular spots like your apartment in Las Ramblas. The route is fairly flat making it ideal for beginners and novices as well as expert joggers. One good route we recommend is that from the Columbus Monument up to the Besos river, a distance of 7 km. In summer though it tends to be quite crowded with many tourists occupying the path but the breeze from the sea is guaranteed to reward you.
  • The Montjuic park: another great location for jogging and similar activities is the Montjuic park. Together with its many tourist attractions and its old fortress at the top of the mountain, it is also an ideal location for a beautiful morning jog. You can have an excellent view of the Mediterranean and you can breathe and enjoy clean air and a plethora of jogging tracks. In the grounds of the park, the Club Natacio Montjuic has a running track that promises stunning views.
  • Park Güell: For those of you that enjoy a good jogging challenge this is the best spot for you. This is a park that is composed of gardens and other architectural elements and is considered to be one of the major works of Gaudi. It is a UN World Heritage Site and is located on the Carmel Hill. Jogging there is challenging mostly due to the steep uphill slog (there are routes that have elevation up to 477 ft) but we are certain that the view from the top will definitely reward you.
  • Carretera de les Aigües: Lastly, if you wish to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the spot for you. It is around 15 minutes from the city center and it is easily reached by means of public transportation. With its 8,000 hectares of paths and tracks, it is perfect for all those that wish to combine nature with their workout. The dirt track through trees and vegetation provides you with great views of the city and the sea below. In its majority it is flat making it perfect even for inexperienced joggers and it can get extremely busy during Sundays.


For all those above mentioned routes and for many more, we believe that Barcelona is a great combination for all of you that want to combine your trip there with your favourite exercise.


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Running in Barcelona: where can we jog?
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