Sant Joan in Barcelona

Sant Joan in Barcelona: a party to welcome the summer

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia is well known all around the world for many things. Tourists from all over Europe but also from abroad flock into the city to enjoy the architecture and the history, the beaches, the food, las ramblas, the museums, the weather and the outgoing people. But besides all those great things, Barcelona has many other things to offer. Every year there are many events that attract the attention of locals and tourists alike. Many visit Barcelona specifically during the time of those events that give to the city a different attitude altogether.

The party of Sant Joan: the best way to welcome the summer


During the shortest night of the year, the so called Summer Solstice, the night from 23rd of June to 24th, Barcelona and Catalans celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. All over the city bonfires and fireworks are on display. Many locals gather at home organizing their own parties that are known as Revetlles. People gather at balconies and terraces to watch the fireworks, eat, drink and dance all night long.

But if you want to truly experience this feast you have to head for the beach. During the beginning of the feast many people flock into the Barceloneta beach. They bring their own baskets filled with food and drinks. Picnics on the beach are held that last all night. From the beach you can have a great view of the fireworks while many people light bonfires. You can listen to music from the many chiringuitos (beach bars) but also many musicians gather on the beach playing music.


Sant Joan: a night to experience


Many bars along the waterfront and the surrounding areas build for that day special kiosks that serve drinks and food for the people that arrive to party. If though you want to avoid the beach since it can get very crowded you can go to a nearby plaza and see the fireworks there. For instance, in Plaza de Barceloneta you might see locals dressed up with costumes and holding fireworks in their hands.

Additionally, do not miss that day the official food of Sant Joan. The so called “Coque”, a bread like cake, both sweet and savory, that sometimes contains fruit and nuts, can be found in every bakery throughout the city. The common ingredient in all of them though is anise, something that provides them with a very distinct flavor.

The festivities of Sant Joan are a must for those of you visiting Barcelona in June. You can visit the city with your friends, your family or even with your coworkers and assistants. And as far as accommodation is concerned we recommend renting an apartment in Barcelona close to the beach. This way you can enjoy the feast, experience life as a local while having all the comforts you will have found at a hotel. For instance, you can rent an apartment in Garcia that can accommodate up to 8 people and be close to the beach and the fireworks.


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Sant Joan in Barcelona: a party to welcome the summer
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