winter party in Barcelona

Santa Eulàlia: the winter party in Barcelona

Barcelona is well known by its wonderful weather, beautiful buildings, wonderful beaches, local culture and so on. We could spend a whole day listing the great qualities of this Mediterranean city.

If you want to know Catalan culture at first-hand, there is nothing like traditional celebrations. Festes Majors (major parties of neighborhoods such as Gràcia, Sants o El Raval), La Mercé or Sant Jordi are some good examples of these ancient local celebrations where Catalan culture and gastronomy are part of the experience.

Today, we talk about one of these parties; Santa Eulàlia: the winter party in Barcelona.

Copatron saint of Barcelona

Santa Eulàlia is the celebration in memory of Eulàlia, who is the copatron saint of the city. The rests of this children who died when she was 13 years old are preserved in Barcelona’s Cathedral. Her name is also present in this monument, called Catedral de la Santa Cruz y Santa Eulàlia de Barcelona (Cathedral of Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia).

So don’t miss this great opportunity to visit this master piece of Gothic architecture located just some minutes away from this chic bohemian apartment.

Take note of these dates in your diary

Saint Eulalia celebrations will be from 9th to 12th February this year 2018. The main events take place in Plaça Sant Jaume. There, we can witness the initial proclamation, a wide range of traditional dances and castellers (human towers).

During those days, the whole city center will become a hub full of music, fire and different kind of events.

Celebrations for all tastes and ages

This winter party in Barcelona is also a great opportunity for children to enjoy many funny activities and learn some Catalan culture and tradition.

For example, they can see puppets shows and storytellers, or learning how to dance typical dances from Catalonia such as famous Sardanes and other dances taught by Esbarts dansaires (groups or associations that preserve and spread Catalan traditional dances).

Correfocs, Gegants i Capgrossos. What are those strange words?

Correfocs (fire-runs) are one of the most common events in all Catalan celebrations. They are parades where a group of people gets dressed as devils and dragons and light fireworks all around while another group plays drum music.

On the other hand, Gegants i Capgrossos (Giants and Big-Heads) are a traditional parade where main protagonists are figures made of paper maché that cover heads and arms of those who wear it.

Now you are prepared to enjoy the most famous winter party in Barcelona: a celebration where lights, fire, music and dance get together and make Barcelona an even more amazing city.


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Santa Eulàlia: the winter party in Barcelona
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