Sitges Carnival

Sitges: much more than just a Carnival

Today we talk about one of the most famous towns among Barcelona surroundings: Sitges.

Sitges is a charming town located just 38 kilometers away from Barcelona. It has a population under 30.000 habitants and, the same as most of villages of Barcelona surroundings, it has a great fishing tradition.

This small coastal town is well-known thanks to its wonderful beaches. In fact, the Catalan village has 17 beaches along its 4 kilometers of coast. In addition, we find a wide range of traditional and cultural celebrations. The most famous of them is Sitges Carnival, but as you will see, this is not the only interesting event that take place in this dream town.

Sitges Carnival

As we previously said, Sitges Carnival is the most famous event of the town. This is one of the most important Carnivals celebrations not only in Barcelona, but also in Spain.

This Carnival has more than 100 years of history and it takes place from February 6th to 13th. During those days, the town of Sitges hosts more than 250.000 visitors and streets are full of music, colorful costumes and floats.

So, don’t hesitate to go to Sants train station from your design apartment in Miró and take a train to this amazing village. No matter the Carnival just finished, just keep reading and you will discover many different and attractive activities that you can enjoy in Sitges.

Sitges Film Festival

You read right! This small town has its own film festival. This International Fantastic Film Festival is the first fantasy film festival in the world and represents the cultural expression with most media impact in Catalonia.

With many years of experience (its first edition was celebrated in 1968), this film festival is a great meeting where we can enjoy presentations, exhibitions and screenings of fantasy films from all over the globe.


Sitges has a great variety of beaches. 17 beaches are, indeed, a wide coastal offer.

All these beaches are well-known for its cleanliness and clear waters. Mainly, they are small beaches with lots of tourists during summer time. But if we go some kilometers away from the town center, we will find bigger beaches with very few people there. This is the reason why a morning walk may be worth the effort because spending a day in one of those paradisiac scenarios is a priceless experience.

Gay Pride

Another great characteristic of this Catalan town is its open-minded society and the tolerant   environment that breathes. It is a totally gay-friendly town, and they were pioneers in that. In fact, it was the first place in Spain with a commemorative monument of LGTB community.

Sitges spa is one of the most visited touristic destinations by the gay community in Spain, and its Gay Pride celebration is one of the most famous in the peninsula.

As you see, Sitges Carnival is a great celebration, but this charming village have many more interesting events and attractive spots that make it a compulsory visit if you are in Barcelona.


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Sitges: much more than just a Carnival
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