Sports to play in Barcelona in summer

Sports to play in Barcelona in summer

Many people are planning to visit Barcelona during the summer. This time many tourists from all over Europe and the world flock into the city to experience the rich history, the architecture, the food, the people, the plazas, the beach and its vibrant atmosphere. Many people, though, when visiting a city, are very interested and want to play some sports. You will not be surprised to find that, when it comes to that, Barcelona has many opportunities to offer.

From hiking to cycling and to jogging on the beach, if you want to play a sport in Barcelona, chances are that you will find it there.

What sports can I play in Barcelona in summer


The last few years volleyball has become hugely popular in Barcelona and Catalonia. The city of Barcelona has set up many nets that are available for the public throughout the beaches. If you enjoy watching people play or even you want to play yourself, the best spot is at Nova Icaria. Many great players gather there. If you are lucky you might experience a proper beach tournament on that beach and on several others. If you want to play volleyball make sure you find a group online or sign up for a competition.

Barcelona has approximately 4.5 km of beaches from Sant Sebastia all the way to the Forum. In those kilometers you can find around 14 volleyball nets that are public and open to all. In Sant Sebastia, in Barceloneta, in Somorrostro (3), in Nova Icaria (4), in Bogatell (2) and in many more. The Bogatell beach has also a Korfall court and a football pitch.

Also, in the Nova Icaria area there is an open-air area with instruments for exercising and bodybuilding. Visitors have a variety of fitness equipment at their disposal. Make sure you do not miss the fitness area at Espigó del Gas that has recently been renovated and remodeled.


Can I go sailing in Barcelona?


The answer to that question is definitely yes. Barcelona is home to many sailing clubs, schools and you can attend courses if you want to learn to sail in all kinds of boats and yachts. Many approved training centers exist in and near Barcelona along with sailing tours. There is a sailing club in Barceloneta but also you can practice sailing or navigation from several ports.

Furthermore, two other sports that are very popular in Barcelona are surfing and beach soccer. Barcelona has many surf spots with nice waves and lots of winds. You can find surfing lessons and places to rent gear for the day. So, if you are the athletic type and you want to visit Barcelona but combine it with your sport activities, you will not be disappointed. Gather your friends or your sport partners and book a trip to Barcelona. Just, do not forget to rent an apartment in Barcelona close to the beach. For instance, an apartment in El Raval will provide you with an opportunity to experience life as a local, stay with all your friends in the same place and live the Barcelona experience to the full.


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Sports to play in Barcelona in summer
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