Tapas crawl in El Born

Tapas crawl in El Born: gastronomy in Barcelona

The reason the Spanish gastronomic culture is appreciated worldwide is that, in addition to having a multitude of flavors and excellent recipes, it counts with the best and multi-award-winning chefs of worldwide fame. Being the standard bearer of the most healthy and tastiest diet, besides all this, is not a pretentious assumption.

It’s okay, in Spain you can perfectly reserve a table and enjoy the best restaurants in a warm and cozy atmosphere, but the gastronomic culture of the day to day does not consist in that: it consists of enjoying the small pleasures, like going to a bar and talk animatedly without the need to follow a planned process, where spontaneity and wanting to live and share beautiful moments with your best friends and loved ones is more important than the delight of the senses, which also happens.

Some delicacies that mix tradition and innovation in the world of the Tapa inside of the Tapas crawl in El Born

It is the culture of the tapa: that little bite accompanied with a good beer or another drink. It is possible from bar to bar through streets and entire neighborhoods without having neither to change the plan nor to plan the day at all. You only have to let go and enjoy the moment.

Gastronomy in Barcelona: the tapa

Tapas are an institution in the country, but in the Catalan capital, going for tapas may not work in the same way as in other cities: Barcelona is different, and cannot ignore its personal touch in this noble tradition.

Barcelona is a city that takes great care of the details. We only have to look at the modernist buildings of the Eixample to notice that there is no corner, there is no millimeter of façade that remains unadorned or without an apparent function that justifies the appearance of some element.

Some delicacies that mix tradition and innovation in the world of the Tapa inside of the Tapas crawl in El Born

With tapas it’s the same: while in the south of Spain you can enjoy montaditos (tasty small sandwiches), in Barcelona and its tradition of cuisine beyond the butifarra and the calçots, cannot forget to translate that delicacy to its works in form of small plates.

Thus, the ingredients of the most traditional Catalan cuisine coexist with cocas (slices of artisan bread) on which the exact products are subtly laid so that they explode in your mouth, the Bombas (meat-filled croquettes of potatoes) compete in fame with the creations of master chefs with several Michelin stars. Barcelona is pure contrast, and in its “route of the Tapa” could not be different.

Route of the Tapa, a tapas crawl in El Born

If in Barceloneta the Bomba has reigned for decades as the signature tapa and in the rest of the districts the vermouth is becoming more popular than beer to complement each delicious dish; in El Born, as a border neighborhood between traditional Barcelona and the most cosmopolite Barcelona, we find both options coexisting happily.

Thanks to  the Tapas crawl in El Born you can enjoy places like Born Centre Cultural or the Rambla del Born

However, this neighborhood does not stop giving its own touch to the culture of the tapa, and for this reason, around mid-February it celebrates its own tapas crawl:

  • Via Laietana: one of the main arteries of Barcelona, where you can enjoy an apartment with breakfast included that will give you the strength to walk from the beginning to the end while enjoying architectural jewels such as the Palau de la Música, restaurants with Michelin star and where authenticity still persists in the form of endless bars full of beer taps.
  • Calle Princesa: If you really want to experience the real El Born, the authentic neighborhood where the monumentality resides in century-old stone houses, full of balconies and with a bar on each ground floor, Calle Princesa is your place, only two minutes away from your studio on Corders Street.
  • Rambla del Born: What would be like a neighborhood in Barcelona without its Rambla? Rambla del Born connects the beautiful Catedral del Mar with the brand new Born Centre Cultural, and is full of charming terraces where you can enjoy an aperitif in the shade of banana trees while enjoying the excellent views and see the people walk by.

Do not hesitate: do not just take photos or consider neighborhoods like this as a passing area. Stop by to live the authentic Barcelona, the Barcelona of the five senses and enjoy the delicious dishes waiting to visit wonders like the Picasso Museum. We will be waiting for you!


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Tapas crawl in El Born: gastronomy in Barcelona
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