The Tapas Route in Barcelona

Gastronomy in Spain isn’t just excellent, it’s also composed of certain traditions and rituals that turn enjoying the famous Mediterranean diet into a complete experience; not just eating the typical dishes such as gazpacho, Iberian ham or grilled vegetables, but also visiting all kind of restaurants and bars which is a great pretext to wander around a city while visiting its neighborhoods. This is possible thanks to the Tapas Route in Barcelona, a great experience to know different areas of the city while we taste these small delicacies.

A walk through the Eixample

The populous neighbourhood of Eixample has its greatest charm on its numerous shops, and among this shops we can’t miss the many Tapas Bars when we stroll through its streets. This bars are easily accessible on a walk that starts from our apartment in front of Parc Miró and runs the whole Diputació street until the pedestrian promenade of Enric Granados, whose terraces are full of life and very enjoyable succulent dishes.

An example of some dishes in the tapas route in Barcelona: chorizos, patatas bravas and calamares

Throughout this walk we won’t only live the pulse of a dynamic and characteristic neighborhood of Barcelona, but also the opportunity to enjoy gems of modernism through the facades of many singular buildings that occupy the area.

Sailor taste in Barceloneta

There are many restaurants in Barcelona where we can enjoy a good seafood paella, avoiding those ones that are advertised especially for tourists. But if we really want to taste the Mediterranean Sea on a dish, Barceloneta is definitely the neighborhood we must head to.

An example of some dishes in the tapas route in Barcelona: sardinas with tomatoes

Famous for being an excellent place to eat, it’s also the birthplace of one of the most emblematic dishes of Barcelona; the “Bomba de la Barceloneta” meaning “Barceloneta’s Bomb”. A kind of croquette mass made with breaded and fried potato whose interior is filled with meat and cheese topped with salsa brava (spicy sauce).

Sant Antoni: A cozy stop

With its own Tapa Route, the increasingly fashionable district of Sant Antoni is the right place to make a stop along the way in order to taste the delicious tapas offered at its numerous and trendy bars.

A promenade along Sant Antoni: good place to enjoy tapas route in Barcelona

This eclectic neighborhood offers a wide range of possibilities that go from the most sophisticated restaurants to more familiar and cozy bars, so that we can find culinary delights for all budgets. Sant Antoni is also a good place to go on a Sunday noon, when many people gather around its streets to enjoy a vermouth and a tapa before having lunch.

Gracia: Charm and delight in the sun

Gracia is a neighborhood that preserves the character of the village it used to be before being absorbed by the big city of Barcelona. Its squares and streets are full of places where to sit and enjoy dishes that will taste like a glory moment under the shade of the trees and the unique architecture of its many beautiful squares.

A typical square of Gracia: good place to enjoy tapas route in Barcelona

Gracia is also known for hosting many popular celebrations, so you may have the chance to come across a stage in the middle of the street where some music group is playing. The environment in Gracia is far away from the prototype of a big city, it seems that time has stopped despite its continuous activity.

So these are four neighborhoods that are overflowed by the tradition and passion for good food. But remember there are many more corners to be found in Barcelona, where gastronomy is a cultural landmark. Just one last tip: avoid those places that are specially advertised for tourists, such as most of the terraces at the Rambla Where would a local citizen eat in Barcelona? That’s where you should go. Forget about the tourist’s sangria and the precooked paella, your stomach will definitely thank you for this decision.


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The Tapas Route in Barcelona
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