Going out: The best bars in Raval

Many times the bars are the reflection of the area where they are located. Based on this premise, and considering that Raval is a mixture of nationalities – about 50% of the population are foreigners – as well as students and young people attracted by its cultural offerings together with former neighbors of the so-called Barrio Chino, interculturality and diversity are two of the attributes that characterize the 322 establishments that make up this neighborhood.

Far from doing a tapas route in El Born, going out to the best bars of Raval is a completely different experience. Its eclectic and underground culture will probably surprise you at the beginning but will make you feel at home at the end. So if you are staying in a holiday apartment in Las Ramblas, you should definitely enjoy this bars in Raval.


The Makinavaja is one of those bars that still retain their local character. The bar takes its name from the character of Ivà and maintains its spirits from the eighties. There is no TripAdvisor or Yelp sticker hanging on the door. Leandro Crespo, the owner, doesn’t like these new platforms. As a neighbor of Raval, he has well experienced the evolution of the neighborhood. From the populous area that used to be to the modern and trendy area that is nowadays.


Among the best bars in Raval we find The Marseille bar, another of those that are part of the history of Barcelona. Right in front of the Filmoteca, its known for its anise odor, characteristic of the absinthe that made it famous. Here you will be able to find all kind of people, from young foreigners looking for a strong drink to old local people who visit the bar everyday.

Best bars in Raval

La Casa de la Pradera

Very close to the first bar we’ve mentioned you will find La Casa de la Pradera, which is probably one of the most eclectic and fun bars in the area. Even if it’s a gay-friendly bar all kind of people attend this place. During the weekends they hold parties quite often that usually last until 3am. Sometimes it gets a bit crowded, but it’s always worth trying to get inside.


This African bar has gained great success during the last years. They offer cheap and nice African dishes together with their famous Mojitos. Even if the bar isn’t very cozy, it’s got a great terrace to enjoy during the sunny days.

Best bars in raval

Madame Jasmine

This bar is located on the Rambla del Raval and it’s a good example of what’s the neighborhood nowadays. Its eccentric decor, with tiles from the seventies behind the bar, an area covered with leopard fabric and toilets that are worth seeing, together with its ‘gay friendly’ atmosphere, contrasts with the shops at its side: a kebab and a butchery.

best bars raval

As you see, you should definitely wander around this eclectic neighborhood if you want to know the real and deep Barcelona. A neighborhood where music, fun and odd people will make you remember your stay in Barcelona for a long time.

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Going out: The best bars in Raval
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