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The life of a city is not only measured in terms of population. The life of a city is measured in the leisure possibilities available. Inside these leisure opportunities it is one that not only enables occupy our free time, one that gives a lot of class, status and prestige to the cultural scene of a city: the theater.

The theater is a historic entertainment with an ecosystem which brings much more than the chance to spend an evening entertaining: from the buildings that house them until the plays that they develop are part of the culture and history of various cities, and Barcelona has many and varied theaters showing this cultural wealth.

The Liceu

If there is a theater that bright in Barcelona, ​​that’s the Liceu. Famous in the whole world, its walls have housed the most recognizable plays of world opera, but also concerts, festivals of dance and other performing arts.

Anyone who gets to act in the Liceu, is enshrined as an artist, that’s because not everyone acts on its stage: names like Montserrat Caballé, Plácido Domingo and others world recognized figures of the opera have in the Liceu the beginning of their success.

On the other hand, the wealth of its monumental boxes, lobby and different decorated rooms makes it a real jewel of the city.

Facane of the Liceu

The Palau de la Música

Competing in beauty and programming with the Liceu, we found around Via Laietana other large city theater: the Palau de la Música.

If the Liceu is an architectural jewel, Palau is a real crown. There are no words to describe such beauty inside. Built by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, an architect who compete with Gaudí to do the best work of modernism art, Palau has in its glass roof the ultimate expression of this architectural movement.

Concerts of the most prestigious philharmonic bands in the world, as well as other shows with the music as protagonist are given in Palau.


The Catalonia National Theatre (TNC)

Surrounding the new and renovated Plaça Glories, we found the TNC (Catalonia National Theatre), classically inspired building where most prestigious theater plays are programmed.

Designed by the renowned Catalan architect Ricardo Bofill, the whole environment is enjoyable also before the start of the function. Terraced gardens and a stunning lighting will leave you with mouth open before, during and after the curtain falls.


The “Ciutat del Teatre”

Such is the importance of the arts and theater in particular in Barcelona, that even has its own city dedicated to that. The Ciutat del Teatre (city theater in catalan) is next to Montjuïc, and in this city we find the Mercat de les Flors, the Teatre Lliure and a whole school of dance and theater where we can see amateurs functions with a lot of quality and the best actors of the national scene too.

In the area where is the Ciutat del Teatre, also found the “Grec”: a perfectly imitation of a Greek theater and the Paral.lel, a whole street that concentrates the largest number of theaters in the city and with great artistic tradition: from Apollo Theater to Victoria theater, through the Barts, Condal Theater and the “Molino”, a theater with cabaret inspiration and with a facade that resembles the famous Moulin Rouge of Paris.

Ciutat del Teatre, Barcelona, Spain

An offer that never ends

Barcelona has a great list and a great theater tradition, just because not only has places with a huge programming, also has street performances, improvisations, independent theaters and many others that make the city of Barcelona in a city where the theater tradition is more than alive.

Tivoli, Coliseum, Romea, Club Capitol, Poliorama … they all do if you fancy a comedy, a musical or a drama, or just have a good time. You can find anywhere in your plan in Barcelona.


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Theater in Barcelona
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