Theatre in Barcelona

Theatre in Barcelona: art and passion

As a city known for its creative edge, you might not be shocked to find that theatre in Barcelona is very popular. Like all of the arts, Barcelona finds a space for theatre fans to truly enjoy themselves. There are many places to visit and productions to enjoy though, so you should definitely look to check out some of the most popular theaters around.

What, though, makes the theatre in Barcelona such a major part of the city? Where in history did the theater become such a prominent part of its culture and identity?

Theatre in Barcelona – what should you look for?


First off, it’s important to note that Barcelona has many theatres to pick from. You will likely have your own kind of preference as to the shows that you are most likely to enjoy. For example, many people will head on down to the Placa de les Arts, to take in the shows over at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. It’s a tremendous location: one that should give you all the access that you need to a dramatic theatre production.

If you like to have the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you’ll likely find a series of stunning plays to enjoy here. However, you’ll also find that the Teatre Nacional also hosts a fine collection of dance and music events. If you are her for the performing arts, though, then you should head on down to base of Montjuic.

Down here, you will find the La Ciutat del Teatre, where you will find some truly outstanding theatres waiting for you. Popular venues exist here, such as the Teatre Lliure, which is based in the old Palace of Agriculture.

Many dramas are held here, alongside musicals and various other dance performances.


Where else should you check out for theatre in Barcelona?


Were you to have arrived a few decades ago, you might have found the theatre industry to be far less impressive than it is – especially now!

Today, though, various multi-language events take place, with many pieces produced in Catalan, Spanish or English.

Today, you’ll find classic opera events taking place all the time. Head on down to the Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera, and you can enjoy the second largest European opera house, only two minutes from your apartment in Las Ramblas . It’s a grandiose location, where you can take a tour of the building if there are no performances presently on.

As you might imagine, theatre in Barcelona is a growing part of the artistic culture of the city. You can find everything from classical dramas to more modern takes. You’ll also find a happy collection of musicals, comedy nights, dance events and more alternative forms of theatre. If you are someone who wants to see the best theatre that Europe has to offer, then the thriving Barcelona theatre scene is a location that you absolutely must see.

There’s no reason why you should ignore it: theater, today, is among the most important parts of Barcelona life. Once cast in the shadow of the more illustrious Madrid theatre scene, today you can find far more prominent theatre productions hosted here in the Catalan capital.


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Theatre in Barcelona: art and passion
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