Things to do in las ramblas of Barcelona

10 Things to do in the Ramblas of Barcelona

The Ramblas of Barcelona are one of the most iconic areas not only in Barcelona, but also in Europe. Ramblas are a long promenade from Plaza Catalunya, the heart of the city of Barcelona, to the port area.

Among this beautiful walk you can find atypical museums, glamourous theatres, charming squares… All those are easily reachable from this chic bohemian apartment in Gothic neighbourhood.

Here we suggest 10 things to do in The Ramblas of Barcelona.

1. The beginning of The Ramblas

We start our walk from Plaza Catalunya, the heart of Barcelona. It´s a huge 5-hectares square considered the central hub of the city.

Many important streets and avenues start there: Passeig de Gràcia with its wonderful modernistic buildings, Portal del Àngel full of shops and fast-food places and, of course, The Ramblas.

Additionally, in the centre of the square there are two beautiful fountains with light and water spectacles at night-time.

2. Have a special drink

We walk barely 3 minutes and we find Canaletes Fountain. It’s popularly said that if you drink its water, you’ll return to Barcelona. So, drinking water here is a compulsory activity in Barcelona because we can’t miss the opportunity of having a good excuse to return to this amazing city in the future.

Furthermore, Canaletes is where fans of F.C. Barcelona celebrate their sportive successes. Every goal Messi scores, Canaletes Fountain is closer to be surrounded by a passionate crowd wearing blue and scarlet t-shirts.

Therefore, if F.C. Barcelona wins some title while you’re visiting the city, don’t hesitate to go to Canaletes. It’s a perfect way of combining tourism and sports in Barcelona!

3. A three-pointer cafe

Another sport-related visit when we continue our walk through The Ramblas is the NBA Cafe. Fans of basket will be amazed there with three floors of signed t-shirts, balls, sneakers and many other memories.

NBA atmosphere and American gastronomy are waiting for all those who love basket. Additionally, we shouldn’t forget we are in the city where Gasol brothers were born!

4. Wake your senses up

Mercat de Sant Josep, popularly known as La Boqueria, is our next place of interest.

Opened in 1840, this market counts with a wide selection of international and local food. We can find from the most traditional Catalan delicacies to Japanese, Arabic or Greek specialities.

So be sure you have all your senses aware and be prepared to live a unique experience of colours, flavours and smells.

10 things to do in Las Ramblas of Barcelona


5. A different approach to art

Just on the opposite side of La Boqueria, we find an uncommon kind of museum: Erotic Museum.

It offers a complete historical and cultural view of the influence of eroticism in mankind. This way, we can find erotic art from all above the globe such as the Hindu Kama Sutra or banned erotic art from japan and rediscover the great masters of painting by exploring the eroticism printed in their canvas.

Don’t be shy and explore a different approximation to art!

6. Opera at its finest

El Liceu is the oldest and most prestigious theatre in Barcelona. From its opening in 1847, the best-known opera works have been played by the greatest artist there.

However, El Liceu also has a dark past. In 1893, it suffered a bomb attack cause of the existing rivalry with the other big theatre of Barcelona: Teatro Principal.

Later, in 1861 and 1994 it suffered two big fires that completely destroyed it, but nowadays it has been remodelled according to its traditional decoration and the result is astonishing.

7. Fall in love with Plaça Reial

Continuing with our delightful walk through The Ramblas we find Plaça Reial, the most beautiful square in all Barcelona.

A precious fountain in the middle of the square surrounded by an army formed by palms and two lampposts designed by Antoni Gaudi himself. It’s a pretty good letter of introduction, isn’t it?

Furthermore, there are plenty of restaurants with terraces and clubs with all kind of music such as Jamboree: a well-known jazz-club.

8. Gaudi’s print in the centre of Barcelona

Just in front of Plaça Reial, there’s Nou de la Rambla street. Here we can find one of the secret jewels of Gaudi. Parc Güell, Sagrada Familia, Casa Batlló and Casa Milà are well known all around the world, but not many people know about Palau Güell.

It has a terrace with 14 different chimneys, each of them originally decorated with materials such as ceramic, glass, marble and porcelain. Unique views of Raval and Gothic neighbourhoods together with multitude of bright colours and curve shapes make of Palau Güell a place that worths a visit.

9. Meet some famous’ doubles

We’re finishing our walk through The Ramblas, but first we stop in our penultimate visit: Barcelona Wax Museum.

In this museum, there are more than 200 wax figures representing prominent figures related to history, art, sports, culture, science fiction, cinema, etc.

In addition, the museum is located in a beautiful neoclassical style building and has a cafe decorated as a fairy tale forest.

10. Columbus Monument

We’ve arrived at the end of our walk. Now we’re next to the sea and a huge monument clearly stands out: Columbus Monument.

Columbus Monument is a 60-meter column decorated with eight lions and Spanish emblems at the base and a statue representing Columbus on the top. There, Columbus is pointing to the sea and holding a chart.

This monument is also a viewpoint, so you can get to its top with a lift and enjoy the views of the sea and look back to The Ramblas and remember all the path you just walk.

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10 Things to do in the Ramblas of Barcelona
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