villages of Barcelona's surroundings

Top 10 villages of Barcelona’s surroundings

Barcelona is one of the most famous cities around the world. Its cosmopolitan style and the huge possibilities while visiting make of the condal city one of the most visited touristic destinations.

Sunny days and warm weather, friendly people, beautiful hills, astonishing buildings and great artists such as Gaudí, Dalí, Picasso… In Barcelona you can find all this together with a truly multicultural environment. It is the total city!

But the spell of Barcelona can blind us. It is, in fact, a wonderful city, but if you are in Catalonia you can’t miss the opportunity of visiting these charming villages close to Barcelona.

1. Vic

Just 72 kilometers away from Barcelona, we can visit a city with castles, Roman temples, palaces, a wall from 7th century… Vic has many cultural constructions perfectly preserved through time.

But there is even more! We can visit a volcanic area with more than 40 volcanos. Additionally, we can enjoy a 5-days Medieval Market in December.

Going to Vic from Barcelona is really easy. In fact, if we stay in this design studio we will easily reach buses and trains to go to this beautiful city.

2. Rupit i Pruit

Travelling to Rupit i Pruit is a complete travel through time to medieval times. All the houses of this small village are made of stone, the same as the pavement of the streets.

All the village is totally pedestrian and full of stone stairs. One way to enter to Rupit and Pruit is through a suspension bridge that will make you feel like Indiana Jones in one of its multiple adventures.

3. Castellar de n’Hug

This small village located on the top of a mountain in Montgrony sierra. It is a village with a beautiful medieval touch where all the houses are made of stone.

One of the best plans when visiting Castellar de n’Hug is walking to Fonts de Llobregat, where we can find the source of Llobregat river.

4. Tavertet

Imagine a small village with medieval charm located on the top of a mountain just next to a cliff. You have it! That is Tavertet. It is said that in Tavertet you feel like if you were in heaven.

Naturally, the views from Tavertet are breath-taking. You can see a group of green mountains hiding Sau reservoir.

5. Cardona

Cardona is a village placed in the middle of a saline valley. From the village, we can see the Salt Mountain, where there is a potash mine.

Additionally, Cardona has a precious castle and several surrounding routes where hiking lovers can enjoy the multiple sanctuaries placed there.

6. Bagà

Romanesque art and architecture are all around Bagà. The houses made of stone, the church, the palace and the square with porticos, all of them are examples of this cultural heritage.

Bagà also hosts a surprising tradition that considered UNESCO World Heritage: Fia-Faia. In this celebration, people carry torches from the mountain to the main square of the village.

7. Caldes de Montbui

With its thermal waters up to 73º, Caldes de Montbui is known by its Romanesque baths. These baths date from 2nd century B.C. and they are the best preserved thermal baths in Spain.

Other interesting spots are the Lion Fountain which was built in 1851 and provides one of the hottest waters in Europe.

8. Sant Cugat del Vallès

Sometimes we don’t need to go far to enjoy a great visit. This is one of those time. Just 15 kilometers away from Barcelona, we find Sant Cugat del Vallès.

There, we can visit a beautiful medieval monastery, the Marilyn Monroe Museum or Mercantic Vintage Village, a village inside Sant Cugat with more than 150 vintage shops.

9. Santa Coloma de Cervelló

This is one of the most famous villages of Barcelona’s surroundings thanks to Gaudí.

Yes, you heard right! In Santa Coloma de Cervelló we can find Colonia Güell, designed by the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Despite this project is unfinished, we can notice in the crypt of the church some lines and shapes similar to Sagrada Familia.

10. Sitges

Not all the villages of Barcelona’s surroundings are mountain landscapes. Located in Garraf, Sitges has 26 beaches along its 18 kilometers.

Additionally, this small town is known thanks to its enjoyable carnival and its cosmopolitan Sitges Film Festival.


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Top 10 villages of Barcelona’s surroundings
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