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Visiting Barcelona on December: what will you find?

December is a great time to travel. In spite of the cold, we have to keep warm and go out into the streets to visit new cities and discover new environments and cultures. Visiting Barcelona in December is always an excellent option. Here the winter is not as cold as in the rest of Europe. In addition, Barcelona is even more beautiful than normal when Christmas comes.

So, do not hesitate to travel to the Catalan capital to discover all its Christmas traditions: from the Christmas decoration in Barcelona to the most delicious gastronomy you can imagine. Barcelona is waiting for you!

TOP 3 things you should not miss while visiting Barcelona in Christmas

Visiting crèches

These nativity scene representations are especially common not only in Barcelona but also in the rest of Spain. This way, on Christmas we find plenty of crèches on the streets and the squares where churches are located.

The most known crèche of Barcelona is located in St Jaume square, just next to the city hall. The designer of the representation changes every year. This year, the author is Sebastià Brosa, set designer and illustrator, who wanted to share the soul of his Christmas with all the inhabitants of Barcelona and also the visitors. So, do not miss the opportunity of visting this crèche that you can easily reach from this studio for rent in Jaume I.

Christmas markets

Can you imagine enjoying a great Christmas market just next to one of the most iconic gothic cathedrals of Europe? Stop imagining and come to visit Santa Llúcia Christmas Market!

The 285 stands that make up this year’s Santa Llúcia Christmas market will remain open until next December 23rd. There, we find hand-made traditional articles such as “caganers”, “caga tiós” or tambourine and hand drums (ideal to sing Christmas carols).

We also find many stands next to Sagrada Familia (in the called the Sagrada Familia Christmas Market) where buying not only traditional items, but also traditional and delicious Christmas gastronomic products.

Catalan Christmas gastronomy

Winter is a great time to discover all the delicious Catalan dishes. Pa amb tomàquet, botifarra, faves a la catalana or crema catalana are some of the most famous Catalan recipes, but the winter meal par excellence in Barcelona are calçots.

Calçot is a type of scallion with a length of between 15 and 25 centimeters. They are usually grilled over a hot fire, wrapped up in newspaper. After the elaboration, they are dipped in a delicious romesco sauce. This sauce is prepared with nuts, red-peppers, almonds, roasted garlic and olive oil. Calçots are typically eaten together with bread and red wine.

Calçotada is the name of the event where a group of friends gets together and eat calçots.  It is indeed a perfect plan to do while spending your winter in Barcelona.  

So, do not hesitate to visit Barcelona this winter and enjoy all the cultural and gastronomic jewels that the Catalan capital provides to all the people who visit its lands.

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Visiting Barcelona on December: what will you find?
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