Visiting Costa Brava from Barcelona

Visiting Costa Brava from Barcelona

Barcelona is a city that is loved by millions of people. Every year tourists from all over Europe and the world choose Barcelona as their holiday destination for many reasons. The food, the architecture, the Ramblas, the people and the beaches are reasons attracting many visitors. Many people visit the city many consecutive times, every time experiencing something new. Some of those people choose also to combine a visit to Barcelona with a visit to other nearby places. Many of those, wishing to travel to something different, choose as their destination the area of Costa Brava.

Why should I visit Costa Brava?


Many visitors choose to visit Costa Brava from Barcelona and spend a day or a whole weekend there. Costa Brava is one of the most famous and touristic areas of Spain. It is located northeast of Catalonia stretching 60 kilometers north of Barcelona up until the borders of France. Its name in Spanish means “Wild coast”.

This extensive area contains some of its most famous towns. One of them is the city of Blanes. It is located on the waterfront on the Girona area of Catalonia, 70 kilometers away from Barcelona. It is considered to be the gate to Costa Brava since it is the first city you encounter on the Costa Brava coast. There is a small rock called “Sa Palomera” that divides the beach in two and marks the official beginning of Costa Brava. Blanes is a very popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches surrounded by pine trees and having the clearer waters along the coast.

Other cities are the Lloret de Mar, Tossa, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Platja d’Aro, Palamos and Begur in the center of Costa Brava and l’Escala, Cadaqués and Roses in the north. From the 1950s up until now, the touristic development of the area was very rapid. Nowadays the biggest part of the coast has luxurious villas, villages and hotels. There are also some hidden gems that preserve their traditional form and are ideal for those seeking something alternative besides the sun and sangria. One example of that is the small town of Cadaques, near the French border, that has attracted many artists like Dali, Miro and Picasso.


How can I get to Costa Brava from Barcelona?


This is a question many people wishing to travel to Costa Brava from Barcelona have. There are many ways to get there and you have many options to choose from. You can use the bus or the train or if you prefer you can take a taxi or take your own car. What we definitely suggest is, if you wish to combine your visit to Barcelona with a trip to Costa Brava, to rent an apartment in Barcelona close to the train or bus stations. For instance, Blanes can be reached by train from Sants station that is 5 minutes away from an apartment to rent in Miro Park. Or if you wish to go further, in Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar, you can rent an apartment in El Born, 10 minutes away from the Nord Bus station.


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Visiting Costa Brava from Barcelona
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