Three Kings in Barcelona

Waiting for The Three Kings in Barcelona

We are in 2018 already. New Year’s Eve was a great party where we bade 2017 farewell remembering all the good times we had. But we also think about our wishes and expectations for this new year which is coming.

First week of the year is also a really important moment for children in Spain, because The Three Kings are preparing all their presents to be delivered the night of 5th January. In fact, these Three Wise Men visit all the cities of Spain to greet children before starting their hard work during night.

If you are visiting Barcelona in Christmas time, you can be part of this centenary tradition. This is why, when visiting the Catalan capital, you should go to their parade and see Three Kings in Barcelona.

Write your letter to The Three Kings

We all know the magical powers of The Wise Men, but sometimes they need some help. That is the reason all children write letters to Their Majesties. In those letters, they explain how good they have been during the year and they write a list with all the presents they wish.

Then, they throw the letter to mailboxes or give them to royal pages who serve The Three Kings.

So, don’t be late! Write your letter and take a walk from your bohemian apartment in Gothic neighborhood to Catalunya Square, where you will be able to meet a Royal Page who collects letters.

Welcome The Three Kings in Barcelona

The Three Kings come from far, far away in a long trip by boat. They arrive at Barcelona at 4 PM, when they disembark in Moll de la Fusta. There, the mayor lends the key of the city to them only for a night. With this key, they will be able to get into every children house to leave there the presents.

Then, from 6 PM to 9 PM they parade along the streets of Barcelona together with pages, postmen, dancers and more. Everybody wants to be in this amazing parade with floats to welcome Their Majesties.

Let them some food and drink

After the parade, it is time to go home. We have to go to bed early, since The Wise Men only visit houses where everybody sleeps.

But before going to bed, remember preparing some food and drink for Their Majesties. They have travelled a long way to Barcelona and they work hard all night, so we can leave some biscuits and wine next to the Christmas Tree for them. And we should think about their loyal friends, their three camels. So, we could prepare three glasses with milk for them too.

Wake up and enjoy your presents

The morning of 6th of January, you will have your presents under the Christmas Tree. Now, you can enjoy a magical day full of emotion and fun.

You can also enjoy Roscón de Reyes, a ring-shaped cake traditionally eaten on this day. This cake contains a little figure and a field bean. The tradition says that the one who finds the figure wears the king crown; while the one who finds the bean will pay the Roscón next year.

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Waiting for The Three Kings in Barcelona
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