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Welcome to La Merce 2018: the biggest party of Barcelona

The greatest party of Barcelona is La Merce. Every year, around September 24, the whole city dresses up and every corner is a unique place where we can enjoy street art shows, music concerts or improvised performances. La Mercé is one of the most famous celebrations not only in Barcelona, but also in Catalonia together with Sitges Carnival and Girona’s Temps de Flors.

More than 500 free shows in total are part of the rich cultural agenda that, for 4 days, is deployed in the Mediterranean capital.

This year, the most important dates are from September 21st to 24th. The city of Lisbon will be the guest city.

Do you want to know what are the essential events of La Merce 2018 festivities? Here you will find the best music concerts of this edition.

The concerts of La Merce 2018 

Those is the top events year after year for music lovers: free music concerts!

The concerts organized by BAM (Barcelona Acciò Musical), the concerts of Avenida María Cristina (organized by the main radio stations in Catalonia) and many others are deployed throughout the neighborhoods. So, take a walk from your apartment in el Born and enjoy the huge cultural offer of La Merce 2018.

This way, we find 40 stages that will be occupied by 211 groups and artists this year. Which are the most desired La Merce 2018 concerts this year?

  • Dr. Calypso and Green Valley: both formations will bring the best contemporary reggae to the Moll de la Fusta stage on Saturday, September 22nd.
  • Sabor de Gràcia: the Catalan rumba has its best representatives in this band that will honor one of the greatest (if not the most) of this genre: Peret. It will be on Sunday 23rd also on the stage located next to the port vell of Barcelona.
  • El Kanka: rumba is still present at La Merce 2018. This time with a strong Andalusian accent.
  • Love of Lesbian: a classic of these parties that come to recover from their performance just two years ago, in which a torrential rain prevented them from taking the Mediterràniament stage. It will be at the emblematic beach of Bogatell on Saturday 22nd at 23:30.
  • Mercury Rev: the psychedelic rock of this legendary band will gather many of its followers on Sunday the 23rd in what is called to be the most multitudinous concert on the stage of the Plaza dels Àngels (next to the MACBA).
  • Rosario “La Tremendita”: the flamenco with the most ingrained airs coincides in this Sevillian girl with the most conceptual touch, without losing even a hint of authenticity. Do not miss it on Sunday at 22.30 on the stage located in front of the cathedral and, after it, do not move from there to see flamenco dance in its purest state by the hand of dancer Mayte Martín.
  • Nathy Peluso: the revelation artist of the purest miscegenation will be the finale for the celebration that, on September 23, will celebrate 75 years of Sala Apolo. Throes & The Shines, The Mani-las, Real Combo Lisbonense and Barcelona Jazz Orquestra will accompany “la sandunguera” on this special day for the independent music of Barcelona.
  • La Bien Querida: this Madrid-born singer-songwriter who works so well between synthetic pop and independent rock, will be the perfect excuse this year to go to the legendary stage of Antiga Fàbrica Damm on Monday 24th at 6:45 p.m.
  • Cuca Roseta: maybe you do have not hear the name of this girl, but she is destined to become the new representative of the purest Portuguese fado. This is why, on the night of September 21st, you must go to the avenue of the Cathedral to discover the more felt folklore of the invited city of this year.
  • Amaia Montero: no matter if you are nostalgic for the harmless sounds of La Oreja de Van Gogh, or if you’re a fan of the new Spanish folk, this legendary group will be waiting for you on Maria Cristina Avenue on Friday at 10.30pm.
  • Ramón Mirabet: if you are looking for the same cocktail offered by Amaia Montero, but with a Catalan touch, this singer-songwriter is waiting for you at Ciutadella the same day, same time.
  • Buhos: two hours later, at 00.30 h, the revelation group of Catalonia will give us their electronic dye pop.
  • Tomasa del Real: Reggaeton also has a place in such a diverse musical agenda. Do not miss it on Saturday at Rambla del Raval around 10pm.
  • Celtas Cortos: for the most nostalgic of the nineties Spanish rhythms, Celtas Cortos will sing their April 20th and other hits on the stage of María Cristina on Sunday at 22.30 h.
  • La Pegatina: sons of the Catalan rumba and the catchy rhythms of Kiko Veneno, this huge band of Montcada i Reixac will set us up with their colorful staging after the performance of Celtas Cortos.
  • Gertrudis: those rumberos will make us dance on the sand of the beach of Bogatell on Saturday at 1.30 h.

The possibilities are also infinite! So, take notes of these concerts and create your own schedule to go to live an unforgettable experience in La Merce 2018 in Barcelona.

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Welcome to La Merce 2018: the biggest party of Barcelona
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