Barcelona in 2018

What to do in Barcelona in 2018?

2017 is finishing. The last days of the year are the perfect time to look back and smile happily to the finishing year remembering the best moments of it. But it is also time to think about what is waiting for us in 2018.

We don’t know what destiny prepares for you in the next year, but we know, indeed, the huge number of events, activities and possibilities that will take place in Barcelona in 2018.

So, let us introduce here the best reasons to visit Barcelona in 2018.

When news become art

One of the biggest photography events in Barcelona in 2018 is World Photo Press exhibition. There, we find the best journalism photos from all over the globe.

These photos show all kind of situations. Sportive achievements, natural landscapes with animals, controversial political pictures, devastating war images… we guarantee these photos won’t leave you unmoved.

So, don’t miss the opportunity and rent an apartment in Las Ramblas to visit this breathtaking exhibition!

Musical reasons

If you are a music lover, Barcelona is your destination. Concerts of the trendiest artists will take place in the Catalan capital the next 2018. Pop, rock, hip-hop, latin music, jazz… we will be able to enjoy concerts of all kind of styles performed by icons such as Lana del Rey or Bruno Mars.

Furthermore, Barcelona counts with some of the most important music festivals in Europe: Primavera Sound with its unique indie style; Sónar, one of the most known festivals of electronic and experimental music around the world; or Cruïlla, which fosters Catalan culture and music.

Those are some examples of the music diversity in the city for all ages and styles in 2018.

Take a look to future

Mobile devices are totally present in our day-to-day. We use our smartphones all day: from the very moment we wake up until we relax on our beds before sleeping. That is why future of mobile is crucial, not only for smartphones manufacturers, but also for all the activities developed and related to them.

Last days of February and in the beginning of March, Mobile World Congress is celebrated in Barcelona. There, we will discover new trends, new models and new features that will show us what future is bringing. Technologies such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic or Drones are always present in this amazing event.

Only for beer lovers

Do you like beer? We guess we know your answer!. But here we are not talking about simple beer, here we present an event with the best artisanal beers of the world.

Welcome to Barcelona Beer Festival, where we find more than 200 breweries from all around the world with 750 different beers. While visiting Barcelona Beer Festival, we will receive a special guide with plenty of information about the festival, articles about artisanal beers and reviews of this delight we will find in the different stands. We can also enjoy a beer tasting and attend to Beer Challenge, a contest where the breweries compete to win the best artisanal beer prize.


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What to do in Barcelona in 2018?
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