What to do in Barcelona in June

What to do in Barcelona in June?

Barcelona is a city that many love to visit fanatically all year long. It is always vibrant and full with people and festivities and many things to do regardless of the period you decide to visit. There are always many things to see, do, visit, always great people to meet and great food to taste. Many corners and neighborhoods to explore and see.

If you are planning your trip in Barcelona in June, we have some great suggestions for you. And of course, after booking your tickets, you need to search for the appropriate accommodation and to rent an apartment in Barcelona. Renting an apartment is a great choice for your friends and family and you will get to experience life like a local, taste all the comforts of a hotel and many more while having an independent space for yourself.

Verbena de Sant Joan, a must

This is considered among the locals as one of the most important celebration of the year. Every year, on the night of the 23rd to 24th of June, a night that everybody knows as Nit de Sant Joan or Revetlla de Sant Joan (the word Revetlla means a celebration that takes place in open-air on the eve of a Saint’s day). This is the smallest night of the year where summer solstice is celebrated. This night across Spain people put on firework displays and light bonfires in the streets, in the beaches and in Las Ramblas.

In Barcelona many people usually go to the beach where they listen to music, throw firecrackers and fireworks. Remember that the next day is a public holiday and many shops are closed. And do not forget to taste the traditional dessert of the day, Coca de Sant Joan.

Summer Cinema in Montjuïc Castle

If you are a cinema aficionado, you should definitely visit the open-air cinema nights in Montjuic. For five weeks, starting at the end of June, the gardens at Montjuïc Castle are transformed into an outdoor cinema. They usually screen the best films to have been recently released in their original languages. Subtitles are in Spanish and doors open every day at 8:30 pm. The first screening is at 10pm so make sure you are there early so you can find the best spot. Make sure you bring with you something to sit down or a small chair along with something to eat and drink. Before you go, make also sure to check the weather because it might get cold at night.

Additionally you can visit the show reel organized by the CCCB in the famous and cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Raval. Films there in the inner courtyard of the CCCB complex are shown for free. If you decide to visit Barcelona in June just rest assured that you will have plenty of things to do, see and explore. And wherever you are located in Barcelona, you can rent an apartment in many neighborhoods and see all the great things Barcelona has to offer in June.


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What to do in Barcelona in June?
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