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Discover the most cosmopolitan Mediterranean city with an unforgettable stay in AinB Apartments.

AinB Apartments has become the reference company in apartments for rent by days. Why? Apart from be located in the historic district, all our Barcelona apartments have own personal in the building to satisfy your needs. Imagine real Barcelona apartments in the center of Barcelona. All our apartments are fully equipped with TV, air conditioning, WIFI, kitchen, etc.

We want to give you a warm welcome to Barcelona; this fascinating city that we hope you can enjoy, as well as of the professionalism and superb quality of our properties. We offer quality and affordable apartments in Barcelona for rent by days.

Are you looking for an apartment to rent for short term in Barcelona? With our cheap rate apartments for rent by days, weeks and months you will find it easy to book your stay in Barcelona.

AinB Apartments are located in the centre of Barcelona. All our apartments, for short term business trips or holidays, are located in the best districts of Barcelona such as Barri Gothic and Eixample. All of our apartments can be booked with daily, weekly and monthly rentals.

Book now your rental apartment in Barcelona and Happy Stay!!

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