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AinB Apartments sont la meilleur alternative et la moins chère d’Appartements à Barcelone. Tous nos Barcelone appartments sont situés dans le centre ville ou proche des principales attractions touristiques. Nous offrons des courts séjours pour vos vacances ou voyages d’affaires avec Barcelone.
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Nous vous souhaitons la bienvenue dans cette ville fascinante qui est de Barcelone, et nous espérons que vous pourrez profiter de notre hospitalité et le professionnalisme et la qualité excellente de nos propriétés. Parce que l’objectif d’ AinB Apartments est d’offrir le meilleur service.

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Sants: a neighbourhood that combines tradition and commerce

Date: March 14th

We all know famous neighbourhoods in Barcelona: Gothic Quarter with Barcelona’s Cathedral and Sant Jaume square; El Raval and its Rambla with Botero’s cat; Eixample with its beautiful modernistic buildings; Gràcia with its unique charm… but there are many more areas that are not so known, and they have much to offer. One of this … Continue reading Sants: a neighbourhood that combines tradition and commerce

March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona

Date: March 7th

Winter is a great time to spend in Barcelona. We can enjoy a “smooth cold” weather with higher temperatures than the rest of countries of Europe, and if we are snow-lovers, we can drive to Pyrenees and live a great journey skiing or snowboarding one of the most beautiful cordilleras in Europe. However, since we … Continue reading March, a month of celebrations in Barcelona

Mysteries and secret wonders of Gaudí

Date: February 28th

For sure, we all know the figure of Antoni Gaudí, Catalan architect who designed some of the most incredible buildings of Barcelona. He is the most representative architect of Modernistic style, and his works completely broke the style of his epoch and presented a new way to understand not only architecture, but also art and … Continue reading Mysteries and secret wonders of Gaudí

Sitges: much more than just a Carnival

Date: February 22nd

Today we talk about one of the most famous towns among Barcelona surroundings: Sitges. Sitges is a charming town located just 38 kilometers away from Barcelona. It has a population under 30.000 habitants and, the same as most of villages of Barcelona surroundings, it has a great fishing tradition. This small coastal town is well-known … Continue reading Sitges: much more than just a Carnival